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Entry #1

It's been a long time.

2017-09-13 12:51:25 by xSeraph7

It's been about 5 years since I last logged into this account. Where the hell does time go? Anyhow, I have no idea if anyone is even going to see this post, so I'll keep it short.

I haven't made much music over the last few years, but I haven't stopped playing guitar either. I made a SoundCloud account and I’ve uploaded some stuff I made recently to it. I don’t really have a schedule when it comes to making music, and I don’t know how often I’ll create new stuff to upload. But whenever I do, I’ll upload it there.

One more thing: I can’t believe that it’s been over 10 years since I first made this account on NG. I still remember the days when I would just chill out in my room practicing guitar and listening to the latest tunes from guys like rocker206, GoreBastard, Bad-Man-Incorporated, etc. Those were the days.


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